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Algunos derivados en -il en un corpus del siglo XVII   

José Ramón Morala
Universidad de León, España


Written sources other than the conventional ones provide abundant new materials in historical lexicography. The present research is based upon the Corpus Léxico de Inventarios (CorLexIn), a corpus of 17th-century notarial sources. Twelve words ending in -il are studied – including some which, like alcorcil, do not contain a true suffix but a reinterpretation of a previous form. This set of nouns and adjectives either are scarcely attested or lack other contemporaneous references. The fact that they appear in the corpus, plus the subsequent analysis will contribute to the attestation of their historical variants, of their expansion area and the meaning and grammatical functions they had in the period under research.


Suffixe -il. CorLexIn. Historical lexicography. Derivation. Golden Age.

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