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La Centaura di Giovan Battista Andreini tra poetica e teatro   

Francesco Marco Aresu
Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA


Giovan Battista Andreini’s La Centaura (1622) is a mixed play that juxtaposes comedy, pastoral, and tragedy. Through a close reading of the ways in which the play combines different genres, presents manifold metatextual elements, and alludes to the critical debate on literary genres, La Centaura reveals itself as a peculiar treatise in dramatic form on literature and theatre. Also, it offers an all-inclusive repertoire and repository of dramatic elements. Moreover, it engages with the relationship between literature and life, describing life as already theatricalized and suggesting that no authentic reality exists.


La Centaura. Giovan Battista Andreini. Italian theatre. Baroque.

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