Historieta o Cómic
Biografía de la narración gráfica en España


De los comics a los cómix: Historia de una mutación genética   

Paola Bellomi
Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia


Spanish comic strip has a very long tradition and its development has been very often parallel to that of journalism. In this scenario the magazine Triunfo (1962-1982) played an important role as a democratic and progressive media during the repressive and paranoiac Francoist regime. The aim of this essay is to study the efforts made by the comic strip’s editorial staff of Triunfo in order to establish the significance of their work in the process of cultural and ideological change driven by the magazine. Chumy Chúmez, Sempé, Máximo and Núria Pompeia are only some of Triunfo’s big names that made the history of the Spanish comic strip.


Spanish comic strip. Triunfo. Graphic novel. Francoist regime.

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