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The online journal continues the tradition of the Annali di Ca’ Foscari which was founded in 1962. It is an expression of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and its aim is to represent the different disciplinary areas of the Department, which range from literary and philological studies to linguistics, language teaching, and historical studies. The geographical area covered extends from Europe to the Americas and the postcolonial world. Contributions can be made in any of the languages relating to this area, as well as in Italian and English. All contributions are subject to a double-blind peer review.  The new version of the Annals welcomes essays, reviews and notes by qualified Italian and foreign scholars, and is particularly interested in the work of new and young scholars (postdocs, graduate students, graduates) as well as by established academics. Combining the interdisciplinary with attention to the specificities of the cultural areas which fall within its remit, the Annali occidentali – which is published annually– offers a lively and enriching space for discussion and dialogue.

Alla direzione scientifica / To the General Editor

3. Proposta di pubblicazione / Proposal submission

Ethical Code of Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie occidentale

Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie occidentale is a peer-reviewed scientific journal whose policy is inspired by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Ethical Code. See the Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

Publisher responsibilities 

The Publisher must provide the Journal with adequate resources and the guidance of experts, in order to carry out its role in the most professional way, aiming at the highest quality standard.

The Publisher must have a written an agreement that defines the relationship with the owner of the Journal and/or the Editor-in-Chief. The agreement must comply with the Code of Behavior for Publishers of Scientific Journals, as worked out by COPE.

The relationship among the Editor-in-Chief, the Editorial Board and the Publisher is based on the principle of publishing independence. 

Editors responsibilities

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie occidentale are the only responsible for the decision to publish the articles submitted.

Submitted articles will be sent to at least two reviewers. Final acceptance presumes the implementation of possible amendments, as required by the reviewers and under the Annali Editorsʼ supervision. 

The Annali Editors and Editorial Board must evaluate each submitted paper in compliance with the Journalʼs policy, i.e. exclusively on the basis of its scientific content, without discrimination of race, sex, gender, creed, ethnic origin, citizenship, or the scientific, academic and political position of the Authors. 

If the Annali Editors and Editorial Board notice (or receive notifications on) mistakes or inaccuracies, conflict of interest or plagiarism in a published article, they will immediately warn the Author and the Publisher and will undertake the necessary actions to clear up the matter. If necessary, they will withdraw the article or publish a recantation. 

Authors responsibilities


Authors must follow the Guidelines for Authors to be downloaded from the Annaliʼs web site. 

No multiple submissions 

Authors must explicitly state that their work is original in all its parts and that the submitted paper has not been previously published, nor submitted to other journals until the entire evaluation process is completed. Since no paper gets published without significant revision, earlier dissemination in conference proceedings or working papers does not preclude consideration for publication, but Authors are expected to fully disclose any strictly-related publications, so that the overlap can be evaluated by the Annali Editors. 


Authorship must be correctly attributed; all those who gave a substantial contribution to the design, organisation and accomplishment of the research the article is based on, must be indicated as Co-Authors. The respective roles of each of them should be described in a footnote. The statement that all authors have approved the final version should be included in the disclosure.

Conflicts of interest and financing 

Authors, under their own responsibility, must avoid any conflict of interest affecting the results obtained or the interpretations suggested. Suggestions by Authors not to be evaluated by a specific scholar, due to possible conflict of interest, are taken into consideration by the Annali Editors. Authors should indicate any financing agency or the project the article stems from. 


Authors must see to it that all works consulted be properly quoted. If works or words of others are used, they have to be properly paraphrased or duly quoted. Citations between “double quotes” (or «angled quotation marks» if the text is written in a language other than English) must reproduce the exact wording of the source; under their own responsibility, Authors should carefully refrain from disguising a restyling of the source’s wording, as though it was the original formulation. 

Ethical Committee

Whenever required, the research protocols must be authorised in advance by the Ethical Committee of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice


When Authors find a mistake or an inaccuracy in their own article, they must immediately warn the Annali Editors, providing all the information needed to make the due adjustments. 

Reviewers responsibilities


By means of the peer-review procedure, reviewers assist the Annali Editors and Editorial Board in taking decisions on the articles submitted. They are expected to suggest the authors possible adjustments aimed at improving their contribution. 

Timing and conflicts of interest 

If a reviewer does not feel up to the task, or if she/he is unable to read the work within the agreed schedule, she/he should notify the Annali Editors. Reviewers must not accept articles for which there is a conflict of interest due to previous contributions or to a competition with a disclosed author (or with an author they believe to have identified). 


The content of the reviewed work must be considered confidential and must not be used without explicit authorisation by the author, who is to be contacted via the editor-in-chief. Any confidential information obtained during the peer review process should not be used for other purposes.

Collaborative attitude

Reviewers should see themselves not as adversaries but as advocates for the field. Any comment must be done in a collaborative way and from an objective point of view. Reviewers should clearly motivate their comments and keep in mind the Golden Rule of Reviewing: “Review for others as you would have others review for you”. 


Reviewers should report any similarity or overlapping of the work under analysis with other works known to them. 


Venice, 20th November 2017

Call for Submissions for Ca’ Foscari Annals (Western Languages, Literatures, Culture, and History Section)

Annali di Ca’ Foscari. Serie occidentale is an open-access annual online journal of peer-reviewed academic articles which was first published in 1962.

The journal provides a voice for the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies, it is international in outlook, and accepts contributions both from established Italian and foreign academics and from younger scholars. The web page provides information about the journal’s aims and research areas and the names of members of the editorial committee.

The journal comprises two sections: the first on Languages, Culture, and History, the second on Linguistics.

The Western Languages and Literatures Section of the journal welcomes contributions in English, Albanese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, French, modern Greek, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian-Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish.

The journal is currently seeking submissions for the next issue, which has a planned publication date of Autumn 2018. Proposals will be evaluated by the Editor and the Editorial Board on the basis of their pertinence to the research areas covered by the Department. Articles, including footnotes and references section, should not exceed 50.000 strokes (including spaces).

All articles should be accompanied by an abstract in English (1500 strokes, including spaces). All abstracts should be followed by four key words and by a short biographical note in English (1000 strokes, including spaces).

Any visual material submitted should be accompanied by captions and an authorization for reproduction as follows “per uso di critica, a scopi di ricerca scientifica e con finalità illustrative e non commerciali”, which the author will have previously obtained from the copyright holder, if appropriate.

Submissions are only accepted for consideration if articles meet the style requirements of the journal.

In addition to full-length articles, the journal also publishes reviews of significant recent or forthcoming works, in Italian or in English (maximum two pages per review).

All contributions should be sent to:

When you email your submission, please indicate clearly which section of the journal your article or review is intended for.

The deadline for abstracts is January 10th 2017.

As from the next issue (52) contributions will be published on line when any revisions resulting from the double blind peer review have been completed. The print version will come out, as usual, in the autumn (2018).

Instructions for authors can be found at the following link:

The Editors

Stefania Sbarra

Michela Vanon Alliata

The Editorial Board

Olivier Bivort

Enric Bou

Vanessa Castagna

Daniela Ciani

Francesca Coin

Francesca Fornari

Cristina Fossaluzza

David Newbold

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